Inaxsys is pleased to announce the nomination of Daniel Miclette as its new Director of Sales for the Québec Region.

Inaxsys - At 2018-09-12

Inaxsys is pleased to announce the nomination of Daniel Miclette as its new Director of Sales for the Québec Region.

Daniel has accumulated more than 30 years of experience within the security industry. He’s had the opportunity to work in multiple facets of the industry which helped him fill his client's specific needs through advanced technical design and delivery plans. The skills he’s developed over the years will make him an important asset for Inaxsys. 

Daniel has always made his clients his priority. He believes that good planning and preparation are key to reducing the risks of failure. This is surely what has made him so successful in his previous roles!

In his new position, Daniel will be in the field sharing his knowledge of the latest Inaxsys technologies such as Arkiv, Storm and Protege. He is also expected to contribute to the expansion and distribution of Inaxsys products.

When he's not meeting with clients, you can find Daniel enjoying his free time on a golf course or on the road riding his motorcycle!

Don't hesitate to connect with Daniel on LinkedIn, by email (at or by phone (at 438-871-7524). He would love to hear from you!