The new version of ProtegeGX is now available!

Inaxsys - At 2019-06-27

Inaxsys and ICT are proud to present you ProtegeGX version 4.3.264 - a lot of new features and enhancements to make your experience with GX much better.

New ProtegeGX Interface

Using Google’s Material Design language and concepts, we made the interface easy to navigate and user-friendly. Furthermore, with the new colour schemes, you can now choose the colour you want your interface to be - you can even choose between a light and dark theme for a fully customized interface. This gives the interface a cleaner, simpler and more modern look than the previous version. That will make your navigation through all of GX Features easier!

System Navigator

You can use the system navigator of ProtegeGX very easily with the tree view system. It allows you to navigate without using the traditional structure of the menu. Also, a few quick references have been added to this version.

-              Which doors are assigned to an access level;

-             Which inputs or troubles are linked to an area;

-              Which users are assigned to an access level;

Enhanced Communication Security

We enhanced the communications including Transport Layer Security 1.2 (TLS 1.2). It’s a cryptographic protocol that incorporates certificates. It also allows digital devices to communicate over a network securely.

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