Thermal Network Bullet Camera

Brand : INAXSYS Part # : INSTPBF5421PT

High Sensitivity

High thermal sensitivity (<40mK) allows the cameras to capture more image details and temperature difference information.


The camera allows for wide input voltage tolerance, suitable for the most unstable conditions for outdoor applications. Its 6KV lightning rating provides effective protection for both the camera and its structure against lightning.

Skin Temperature Measurement

Our thermal camera is characterized by non-contact, multi-objective, fast, and risk free temperature testers. It can e conveniently deployed in public places with dense personnel, and can be used for efficient and safe preliminary screening of temperature anomalies.

Documentation & Support
High Temperature Control Solutions Facial Temperature System
Detector Type Vanadium oxide uncooled focal plane detector
Effective Pixels 400 × 300
Pixel Pitch 17 μm
Spectral Range 8 μm–14 μm
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) ≤40 mK
Focal Length 7.5 mm; 13 mm
Field of View 7.5 mm: horizontal: 53.7°, vertical: 39.7°; 13 mm: horizontal: 30°, vertical: 22.6°
Focus Mode Fixed-focal
Thermal Image Stabilization Electronic Image Stabilization
Temperature Measurement Range 30°C ~ +45°C
Temperature Accuracy Max ±0.3°C with blackbody Max ±1°C without blackbody
Video Compression H.265; H.264; H.264H; H.264B; MJPEG
Edge Storage FTP; Micro SD card, up to 256GB
Analog Video Output 1 channel of CVBS output with BNC port
Network 1 x 10M/100M Ethernet port (RJ-45)