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Our services
To be able to use the Site or access certain functionalities or resources, we may ask you to provide information, including but not limited to, your first and last name, your employer, your job title, etc. To offer you the best experience, it is your responsibility to provide us with accurate and complete information.

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Digital Communication
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Intellectual Properties and Trademarks
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The name of the Company (“Inaxsys Security Systems Inc.”), the terms (“Inaxsys”), (“Inaxsys Security”), (“Inaxsys Security Systems), the brands (« STORM »), (« ARKIV »), (« IVTVISION »), (« VUPRO »), the logos, the products, the design, the slogans and any promotional materials are trademarks of Inaxsys Security Systems Inc. for which the company is the sole owner.

The content of the Site is for your personal use only. Unless you have a written permission from Inaxsys, you shall not use, print, reproduce, modify, alter, distribute, publicly display, republish, download, upload or store the content of our Site for commercial purposes.

The content of the Site is for your personal use only. Unless you have a written permission from Inaxsys, you shall not use, print, reproduce, modify, alter, distribute, publicly display, republish, download, upload or store the content of our Site for commercial purposes.

The inappropriate use of our properties will be considered as a violation of our Terms of Use, the Law on Intellectual Property and the Law on Trademarks. Should this happen, Inaxsys reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings.

Forbidden Uses of Our Site
Inaxsys gives you access to its Site and allows you to use it in a way that conforms to our Terms of Use as well as the local, provincial, national and international applicable laws. By using our Site and its functionalities, you accept not to use the Site in a way that could harm in any way the Company, the Site or its users.

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Accuracy of the Information Presented on Our Site
The information found on the Site is made available solely to provide you with general information. Despite the efforts of Inaxsys to provide its clients with an accurate and complete information, Inaxsys cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided on its Site regarding its products, software, trainings or any other piece of information available on the Site. This information may be incomplete or outdated. We suggest you to contact our Customer Care, Tech Support or Sales Managers to validate any detail before purchasing.

Viruses and Malware
Inaxsys deploys all the necessary efforts to protect its users from viruses and malware. Unfortunately, you understand that Inaxsys cannot guarantee that all the files available for downloading on the Internet or on its Site are virus or malware-free. It is your responsibility to use all necessary means to protect your computer, your tablet or your mobile from potential threats. Inaxsys cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of data caused by the download of a file corrupted by a virus or any other malware.

You shall not use our Site to voluntarily introduce viruses, Trojan, malware or any malicious code that could harm or damage the Site. In no way will you try to obtain unauthorized access to our Site, part of the Site as well as our computers, database, servers and any other technology owned and managed by Inaxsys Security Systems Inc. Any action that adversely affects the accessibility of the Site, the security of the Site, the protection of the Company's data, its employees, its customers and its users will result in legal proceedings in accordance with the Law.

Our Responsability To You
Inaxsys Security Systems Inc. will never try to disempower itself from his obligations to you in a way that could violate the Law.

Nevertheless, Inaxsys cannot be held responsible in the event of damage or loss suffered by you and / or your organization that would imply the use of our Site and its content. Inaxsys will not be held responsible for loss of revenues, profits, sales, savings, business opportunities, interruption of commercial activities, damage to your reputation, or any other collateral damage related to the use and access or impossibility to use and access our Site and its content.

Our Laws
The Site, the Terms of Use and all that refers to it, and the complaints, conflicts or requests related to the Site and the activities of Inaxsys on its Site are governed by the laws of Quebec and Canada. In the event of a lawsuit or any other legal proceedings that would involve the Site, you shall make your requests to the relevant institutions in Quebec and / or Canada.

Legal Judgments
Should any provision of the Terms of Use be found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court or any other institution having jurisdiction to do so, such provision will be removed from the Terms of Use in a way that minimizes the impact on the current Terms of Use. Only competent and authorized justice authorities in Quebec and Canada may judge the invalidity and unenforceability of our Terms of Use.

No Agency Relationship with Inaxsys
You understand and agree that these Terms of Use and the use of the Site and its functionalities do not represent in any way a partnership, an association or cooperation between you, your organization and Inaxsys.

Declaration of Conformity
You will find all the documents stating that our products meet the standards to which it must legally adhere, such as safety regulations, here.

Please, contact us at marketing@inaxsys.com should you have any questions or comments regarding the Terms of Use.