Caméra cylindrique HDCVI de 4.1 Mégapixels avec autofocus et IR intelligent

Marque : STORM # pièce : INSBO4IRCA

4 Signals over 1 Coaxial Cable

The HDCVI technology can supports up to 4 signals transmitted over coaxial cable. With the dual-way data transmission, the HDCVI camera can interact with the HCVR by alarm triggers or control signals.

Long Distance Transmission

The HDCVI technology is guarantying you a long-distance and real-time transmission without loss. The transmission supports up to 700m for 5MP HD video via coaxial cable and also up to 300m via UTP cable.


HDCVI technology is the best choice for investment protection. The plug and play give a full HD video surveillance without the difficulty of configuring a network.

Smart IR

Integrated infrared LEDs capture images in low light or in total darkness automatically.

Advanced 3DNR

The technology of noise reduction 3DNR can detect and removes unwanted noises comparing two sequential frames. The 3DNR technology gives an incredible noise reduction with a low impact on the sharpness of the image even with limited lighting. The 3DNR can also save a lot of storage space and even reducing the bandwidth.


The camera has two BNC connectors and supports HDCVI and CBVS signal outputs.

 Wide Dynamic Range

WDR technology produce a high-quality picture across a wide range of light levels.

Vue d’ensemble
Assistance et Documentation
Mégapixels 4 Mégapixels
Protocole de communication HD over Coax
Forme de l'appareil Cylindrique
Type de lentille Auto Focus
Capteur d’image CMOS 1/3” à balayage progresif de 4.1 mégapixel
Type de lentille Lentille motorisée / Iris fixe
Type de monture Type ‘‘Board-In’’
Longueur focale 2.7-13.5mm
Distance Dori Detect 210ft(W) 728ft(T); Observe 84ft(W) 291ft(T); Recognize 42ft(W) 146ft(T); Identify 21ft(W) 73ft(T)
Sortie vidéo 1-canal sortie vidéo haute définition BNC HDCVI; 1-canal sortie vidéo BNC CVBS
Source d’alimentation AC 24V±25% / DC 12V±25%
Consommation d’énergie Max 11.1W (12V DC, IR allumé)