Caméra IP dôme de type globe oculaire 1080P avec IR à 2 mégapixels

Marque : STORM # pièce : INSEBO2IRF

ONVIF compliant

This camera conforms to the ONVIF specifications ensuring interoperability between network video products regardless of the manufacturer.

Smart IR

Integrated infrared LEDs capture images in low light or in total darkness automatically.

Smart H.264+

Smart H.264+ is the optimized version of H.264. This encoding codec includes a scene adaptive encoding strategy, dynamic GOP, dynamic ROI, intelligent noise reduction and also a multi-frame reference structure flexible. You save also up to 70% of storage and bandwidth compared with standard H.264.

Vue d’ensemble
Assistance et Documentation
Forme de l'appareil Type tourelle
Protocole de communication IP
Type de lentille Fixe
Mégapixels 2 Mégapixels
Capteur d’image CMOS à balayage progressif 1/2.7” de 2 mégapixels
LEDs IR 12
Type de lentille Fixée
Type de monture Type "Board-in"
Longueur focale 2.8mm
Distance DORI Détection 131pi; Observation 52pi; Reconnaissance 26pi; Identification 13pi
Compression H.265+/H.264
Source d’alimentation DC12V, PoE (802.3af)(Classe 0)
Consommation d’énergie <5.5W