Boîte d'alarme avec 16 entrées

Marque : STORM # pièce : INS166IO

Support through RS485 access to the back-end storage

Support 16ch Alarm In/6ch Alarm Out interface

Support 2-bit DIP switch (0/1) to determine the different alarm box access;

Max support 4 alarm boxes having access to the back-end storage device

Linked alarm can be configured on the alarm input and output interface when the communication is

established between DVR device and the alarm box.

Vue d’ensemble
Assistance et Documentation
Enregistreurs numériques HDCVI 16 Canaux
Communication 1 - RS485 port
DIP Switch 2-bit
Entrée d'alarme 16 canaux
Sortie d'alarme 6 canaux
Source d'alimentation 12V / 1A
Consommation d'énergie 0.2W