Système de surveillance professionnel Arkiv

Marque : ARKIV # pièce : ARKPRO-01

• Real-time Facial Recognition

• Deep-Learning Analytics Decisions

• Unlimited Number of Servers

• Unlimited Number of Cameras

• Simultaneous recording to archive

• Pre-event video recording

• Live Monitoring 

• Line Crossing

• Situational Analysis

• Cross-System Client

Vue d’ensemble
Assistance et Documentation
VMS Arkiv
Maximum number of servers Unlimited
Maximum number of channels in Arkiv domain Unlimited
Support for SD cards (edge storage) Included
Macros Included
Situation analysis detection tools (excluding line crossing) Included
Line crossing Included
Events from external systems (POS terminals, ACFA) Optional ($)
Scene synopsis (Timelapse Compressor) Included
Advanced archive search Optional ($)