Arkiv is an open-platform video management software (VMS) built with next-generation video analytics. Arkiv from Inaxsys brings a whole new level of performance, reliability, efficiency, functionality and accessibility to the VMS marketplace. Furthermore, this powerful new software is accessible for a small business to a large multi-national. With a licensing structure that is value-driven, Arkiv is affordable on a single small site with a few cameras as well as a large multi-server project with thousands of cameras.

Arkiv is easy to use with a simple yet powerful user interface. With Arkiv we are introducing  industry-changing advanced analytic detection and analysis tools such as facial recognition, audio detection, license plate recognition, visual scene situational analysis, directional object movement, object missing, multiple object detection, object left behind, camera movement and blurring detection, and much more!


With Arkiv, you will never have to pay for software updates.

With Arkiv, you will never have to pay for major new versions.

With Arkiv, you will never have to pay for camera driver packs.

With Arkiv, you will never have to pay for our technical support.

With Arkiv, you will never have to pay any recurring software maintenance charges.

With Arkiv, once you pay a license it is yours to use forever.

Arkiv will change the way you use advanced Video Management Software.


Contact us at for more information or for a demonstration of the incredible features in Arkiv.


Here’s a quick overview of what you will be able to do with Arkiv:

Intelligent Video Analytics

Benefit from intelligent video analytics, including motion detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition, object tracking, and people counting. Arkiv’s analytics capabilities unlock valuable insights and deliver proactive security measures.


Centralized Control

Our software provides centralized control, enabling operators to effortlessly monitor and manage multiple cameras and sites from a single, intuitive interface. With map-based navigation, alarm management, and event-driven automation, you gain complete control over your security infrastructure.


Scalability and Flexibility

Arkiv scales seamlessly to accommodate diverse applications, from small installations to enterprise-level deployments. It offers flexible integration with various camera brands and models, ensuring compatibility and future expansion.


Smart Search and Forensics

Unleash the power of smart search and forensics to expedite investigations. Arkiv allows for quick and accurate searches through extensive video footage, saving time and enabling rapid incident response.


Third-Party Integration

Our software seamlessly integrates with third-party systems, including access control, intrusion detection, and fire alarm systems, creating a unified security ecosystem. Enjoy comprehensive situational awareness and enhanced security measures.


Reliability and Cybersecurity

Trust in Arkiv reliability and robust cybersecurity features. Our software prioritizes system stability, data integrity, and advanced security measures such as data encryption, user authentication, and system redundancy.


Support and Training

Experience unparalleled support and resources with comprehensive technical assistance, documentation, and training provided by Inaxsys. Our dedication to customer satisfaction ensures a seamless implementation and continued success.

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Logiciel de gestion vidéo