ProtegeWX Training with Inaxsys

Transforming the way companies manage their security, ProtegeWX by ICT effectively places the office in your pocket and gives you the freedom to configure, control, and monitor your system from anywhere with the swipe of a finger. Web-based technology removes the complications and constraints typically associated with software, and the familiarity of a web browser and intuitiveness of the interface makes learning a breeze, allowing you to program a site from start to finish with no training necessary.

ProtegeWX by ICT is an out-of-the-box, all-in-one system that is quick to setup and intuitive to use. Simply unpack the box, connect the controller and power supply, and launch your web browser. An intuitive wizard-driven interface guides you through the process to configure your system, giving you a fully functional access control and intrusion detection solution within a fraction of the time of conventional software.