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FireProtect 2 RB (Heat/Smoke)

Wireless fire detector equipped with both heat and smoke sensors.
Up to 1,700 meters of radio communication with a hub
Ethernet as an alternative communication channel

Accurate amidst steam, dust, and the passage of time

FireProtect 2 remains a state-of-the-art detector crafted to enhance residential fire safety. Its distinctive smoke chamber eliminates the need for regular cleaning, while its dual-spectrum sensor adeptly distinguishes between smoke and steam. Additionally, its thermistor promptly reacts to the combustion of synthetic materials, and sophisticated software algorithms minimize false alarms. With thoughtful design, straightforward mounting options, and user-friendly in-app settings, installation is swift and hassle-free. All components adhere strictly to the latest fire safety standards.

Uncover hardware engineered for the future

Leveraging patented smoke chamber technology

Ajax propels residential fire safety to unprecedented heights with FireProtect 2. Incorporating a distinctive smoke chamber engineered to be dustproof and insect-resistant, alongside a dual-spectrum optical sensor and proprietary HazeFlow 2 software algorithm, this innovative solution ensures rapid and precise fire detection. Enjoy unparalleled safety without the worry of false alarms, all in accordance with global standards and best practices.

Resilient against dust and insects

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the smoke chamber boasts an impenetrable design, eliminating any potential for contamination that could compromise detection accuracy. A distinct circulation mechanism ensures the optical sensor maintains an unobstructed field, swiftly identifying combustion byproducts in the air.

Filters out cooking fumes and water vapor

Equipped with a dual-spectrum optical sensor featuring blue and infrared LEDs emitting different wavelengths, the smoke chamber of FireProtect 2 is ingeniously designed. Utilizing a highly dependable real-time detection approach, it directly measures microparticle concentration in the air. This cutting-edge technology empowers FireProtect 2 to discern the size of volatile particles within the chamber, ensuring it responds solely to smoke while disregarding vapor and water steam.

Even in instances of fires without smoke

FireProtect 2 boasts dual class A1R thermistors engineered to detect smokeless fire hazards. These thermistors provide a crucial edge by swiftly detecting sudden temperature spikes associated with the combustion of synthetic materials or smoldering fires. Positioned outside the enclosure, they mitigate any delays in life-saving detection. Thus, FireProtect 2 stands prepared to swiftly identify fires, even in their most imperceptible beginnings.

Consistent performance over a decade

Leveraging state-of-the-art engineering in both hardware and software, we've achieved remarkable capabilities and provided flexibility in the compact smart detector's size. FireProtect 2 adheres rigorously to stringent residential fire safety standards, boasting extended battery life. It facilitates seamless data exchange with a hub and incorporates a real-time analysis system to effectively filter out false alarms. Available in two versions with diverse battery options, FireProtect 2 caters comprehensively to various market demands. Early warning for low battery levels FireProtect 2 proactively notifies users and installers of low battery status at least 30 days prior to complete discharge through the Ajax apps. Additionally, the detector incorporates an LED indicator and emits audible beeps to signal a low battery alert.

Stay informed, anytime, anywhere

In residential fire alarm systems, prioritizing timely notification of fire danger is paramount. FireProtect 2 features a robust 85 dB siren to ensure the elimination of any possibility of overlooking an alarm. Employing distinctive tones with varying patterns, the detector effectively communicates alarm events, making it simple to identify the type of threat and respond appropriately.

Seamless wireless integration

Every FireProtect 2 detector is interconnected, ensuring synchronous notification of fire incidents. Upon detection of a threat by one detector, it takes just 20 seconds for the sirens of all other fire detectors within the premises to activate. Even during nighttime emergencies, the 85 dB volume ensures that even the soundest sleeper can be awakened.

Harness the full potential of Ajax

The Ajax ecosystem sets a new benchmark in the fire safety sector with its intelligent and sophisticated features. While FireProtect 2 is capable of safeguarding your home autonomously, its capabilities expand significantly when connected to an Ajax hub. The intuitive Ajax apps enable remote configuration and provide real-time detector information accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, whether on a smartphone or PC. With instantaneous notifications, there's no room for overlooking a fire alert, while customizable scenarios empower you to automate fire security, bolstering home protection even when you're away. Backed by nearly two million users, the complete set ensures stable wireless communication, offering essential reliability honed over the years.

Enhanced automation for heightened safety

As integral components of the Ajax ecosystem, Ajax fire detectors seamlessly integrate with automation devices and PhOD detectors from the MotionCam lineup through customizable scenarios. In the event of a fire alarm, the WallSwitch relay deactivates the household power, while the Relay triggers emergency lights. Simultaneously, MotionCam (PhOD) captures and transmits images to the Ajax apps, facilitating swift identification of the alarm's cause. This synergy between security and automation ensures a dependable system that operates with precision, akin to a Swiss watch.

Seamless setup and upkeep

FireProtect 2 is designed for hassle-free operation right out of the box, eliminating the need for intricate assembly during installation. Featuring an enhanced SmartBracket panel, installers can effortlessly mount the detector on ceilings and adjust it to precise 90° angles without disassembly. Ajax apps facilitate swift integration of the device into the system, enabling remote configuration without the need for onsite visits. Boasting unique dustproof technology, the maintenance-free smoke chamber obviates the necessity for regular cleanings. A self-test system automatically assesses sensor functionality and communicates their status to the hub. Moreover, testing can be initiated manually via the app or by pressing the detectors' front panel with any suitable object, whether a hand or a mop handle.

Tech Specs

Hub Plus
Hub 2 (2G)
Hub 2 (4G)
Hub 2 Plus
Hub Hybrid (2G)
Hub Hybrid (4G)
* with firmware version OS Malevich 2.15.4 or higher

Radio signal range extenders
Rex 2
Jeweller communication technology
Proprietary wireless technology for transmission of alarms and events.
  • Two-way communication.
  • Protection against device spoofing.
  • Block encryption featuring a floating key.
  • Instant notifications.
  • Remote configuration via the Ajax apps.
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Radio frequency bands
866.0 – 866.5 MHz
868.0 – 868.6 MHz
868.7 – 869.2 MHz
905.0 – 926.5 MHz
915.85 – 926.5 MHz
921.0 – 922.0 MHz
Depends on the region of sale.

Maximum effective radiated power (ERP)
up to 20 mW
Automatic power control to reduce power consumption and radio interference.

Radio signal modulation

Radio communication range
up to 1,700 m
Between the detector and a hub (or radio signal range extender) in an open space.
Calculate radio communication range at the facility

Encryption of radio communication
All the data stored and transmitted are protected by block encryption with a floating key.

Radio frequency hopping
To prevent radio interference and jamming.
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Sensitive elements
smoke sensor
heat sensor
Smoke detection
Sensitive element
double-spectrum optical sensor
Recognizes smoke by the size of particles in the air.

Protection from false alarms
Does not react to water vapor.

Patented smoke chamber
Protects the smoke sensor from dust, dirt, and insects.
Dangerous temperature detection
Sensitive element
according to the requirements for Class A1R heat detectors
Requirements of EN 54-5 and BS 5446-2 standards.

High temperature alarm
at temperatures above 64°C

Temperature spike alarm
when the temperature rises more than 10°C in 1 minute or less
Additional features
In-built siren
volume 85 dB at a distance of 3 meters
Sound notification of alarms. Active until the reason for triggering is eliminated or until the user disables notification.

Interconnected Fire Detectors Alarms
All fire detectors in the system turn on built-in sirens if at least one of the detectors registers an alarm. An interconnected fire alarm is activated during one “hub — detector” polling interval but no more than 20 seconds later.
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LED indication
green is a power indication
A LED indicator on the device enclosure lights up once every 56 seconds. The indication meets the requirements of EN 50291.

yellow is an indication of malfunctions
A LED indicator on the device enclosure lights up when malfunctions are detected. For example, in the case of discharged batteries, contamination of the smoke chamber, or end of the service life.

red is an indication of fire alarms
A LED indicator on the device enclosure lights up when the detector registers a fire alarm.

Button on the front panel of the detector
In normal mode, when pressed, it starts the smoke chamber test. In the event of an alarm or malfunction, the pressing turns off the detector sound notification.
The device is designed only for indoor installation. SmartBracket mounting panel allows adjusting the position of the detector after installation.
Anti-sabotage protection
Tampering alarm
Alerts of attempts to detach the detector from the surface or remove the mounting panel.
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Protection against spoofing
device authentication

Detection of communication failure
within 15 minutes
The time to detect communication loss depends on the settings for the number of undelivered data packages (specified in the Jeweller or Jeweller/Fibra settings). The polling interval is fixed at 300 seconds.
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Power supply
For FireProtect 2 RB (Heat/Smoke/CO)
2 × CR123A battery
Up to 7 years of battery life.
124 × 124 × 45 mm

272 g

Operating temperature range
from 0°С to +50°С

Operating humidity
up to 80%

Protection class
Complete set
FireProtect 2 RB (Heat/Smoke) Jeweller
SmartBracket mounting panel
Installation kit
2 × CR123A battery (pre-installed)
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