4MP Entry IR Fixed-focal TURRET Network Camera

Marque : STORM # pièce : INSTO4IRF

Unify your Security Solution

This new function was made to improve drastically your surveillance system efficiency and reduce your false alarms count. Area Protector allows you to custom your tripwires based on a specific object such as pedestrians or vehicles. Combined with real-time alerts on your monitoring device, this function will be key for any zone surveillance.

Smart H.265+ & H.264+

STORM smart encoding technology can provide high-quality video with higher efficiency and can also reduce the cost of storage space and transmission adopting an advanced algorithm of auto stream control.

On-board Analytics

This camera responds accurately to specific events in a given area. Our algorithm enables Tripwire violations, intrusion detection, abandoned/missing objects and much more. Facilitate your viewing experience using on the edge analytics – one product, multiple features.

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Forme de l'appareil Type tourelle
Protocole de communication IP
Type de lentille Fixe
Mégapixels 4 Mégapixels
Wide Dynamic Range WDR less than 120dB
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