Desktop Client Workstation PC for video monitoring, low-cost

Marque : INAXSYS # pièce : DT-WS-1T

·         All-in-One Solution

Video recording, web/mobile client hosting, and local live video display

from the same server.


Unlimited Scalability

Can come pre-loaded with Arkiv, IVTVision or STORM video management

system (VMS) software, or can run your favorite VMS. Manage individual

systems from the same user interface or upgrade to your VMS software to

easily manage multiple servers simultaneously.


Enterprise-Class Storage

Up to 32 TB of storage per server using continuous duty enterprise-class



Enterprise-Class Hardware

Windows 10 Professional is the standard operating systems, with Windows

2012 or 2016 optional. Hot-swappable Enterprise-Class Hard drives are



3-Year Hardware Warranty, 3-Year Software

Subscription Agreement (SSA)

3-year hardware warranty and SSA included.

Vue d’ensemble
Assistance et Documentation
Espace Disque 1 TB
Caméras IP Dépendant du VMS utilisé ; Dépendant du débit des données
Stockage maximal 32 TB
Configuration RAID N/A
Processeur Gen8 Intel i3 ; (Optional) Intel Core i5/i7
RAM 8 GB (standard)
Alimentation électrique redondante N/A
Tension d'entrée 100/240 VAC±10%
Réglementation CE (Classe A), FCC (Classe A), UL Listé